Silk Scarf Feeling of Miracle

Silk Scarf Feeling of Miracle

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• Silk scarves made from 100% pure silk crepe are some of the most luxurious accessories available, but at WomenClothingToday we go one step further in supplying silk scarves which combine the finest quality fabric with hand painted designs.
• This particular example from our exquisite range of hand painted silk scarves features an elegantly tasteful floral design in glorious shades of turquoise combined with chocolate brown.
• Perfect for wearing on that special cruise or those special evenings out, the large size of this silk scarf means that it will serve equally well as a traditional women’s scarf, a headscarf or a women’s shawl or wrap. However or wherever you choose to wear it though, its unique hand painted design will ensure a totally individual look of elegant sophistication.
• Ordering this or any other of our hand painted silk scarves couldn’t be easier, so why not treat yourself today?

  • Available in 18.0" X 69.5" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Crepe
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)
    • Imported

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $191.15 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • feeling of miracle November 11, 2011
      by shauna (United States)

      The scarf is absolutley beautiful. I would consider another one.Im a watercolorist and artist so I can appreciate the artistic value. The colors are perfect and Ive been using some of the same colors in my paintings.The only thing I would change is the quality of silk.It is OK but I have other scarve of silk that I like better.Other than that Im very happy with my puchase.Good luck to you.I didnt realize you were in Russia until I recieve the scarf. that makes it even more special.

    • Unusually gorgeous! February 6, 2012
      by Miranda R. (United States)

      The scarf arrived very quickly and is absolutely stunning.The color is so rich that the photos can not do it justice. A great price for a beautiful item. I would buy from and recommend this vendor to anyone.

    • Excellent Silk Scarf December 28, 2012
      by Janna (United States)

      The quality of this silk scarf is excellent - exactly what I expected based on the product description. The texture of the silk and the design are superb. My order arrived quickly and I am happy with my purchase experience.

    • Gorgeous silk scarf! February 9, 2013
      by Phoebe Vincent (United States)

      Simply gorgeous! The aqua-marine colours, the unique design, the oh so soft silk, everything is gorgeous! I am so glad that I decided to order this stunning silk scarf from your collection. I am sure to be back for more.

    • Beautiful looking scarf April 14, 2013
      by Tim (United States)

      I gifted this beautiful looking silk scarf to my wife on our anniversary. The design done by your artists is really unique and nice. The silk quality is great too. I am totally happy with the purchase. I can tell that my wife is very pleased with the gift too.

    • I love the aqua marine hues on this silk scarf April 29, 2013
      by Mary L. Lagrone (United States)

      I am very partial to aqua marine colors and when it is etched so beautifully on a silk scarf, it’s a must have. I am so glad that I got this for myself. Every time I step out draping this on, I get loads of compliments. I will surely be back for more. Thanks

    • Elegant creation March 26, 2014
      by Doris T. Clark, Seattle, WA (United States)

      This hand painted silk scarf is very unique and elegant. The combination of turquoise and chocolate brown was great! It made me gorgeously beautiful all throughout the night.

    • Beautiful scarf! April 15, 2014
      by Linda Smith, Sinking Spring, PA (United States)

      Gorgeous silk scarf! The aqua-marine colors, the unique design, the oh so soft silk, I am so glad that I decided to order this stunning silk scarf from your collection. I believe to come back for more.

    • Fabulous silk scarf! May 19, 2014
      by Karen Hudson, Brighton, NY (United States)

      Fabulous silk scarf! The aqua-marine colors, the unique design, their so soft silk, I am so glad that I decided to order this stunning silk scarf from your collection. I believe to come back for more.

    • Brilliant Design!!! June 19, 2014
      by Adela Anderson, Calgary, AB (Canada)

      I was really stunned at the unique and creative design of this stunning silk scarf. I ordered it when it arrived; I was completely bowled over by its brilliance. The silk was delicate and luxurious to touch. I am eyeing a few more from your collection.

    • Beautiful scarf! June 1, 2014
      by Mary Boyer, Paramount, CA (United States)

      Beautiful silk scarf! This hand painted silk scarf is very unique and beautiful. I decided to order this stunning silk scarf from your collection. It made me gorgeously beautiful all throughout the night.

    • Unique design! July 31, 2014
      by Gladys Minix, Vail, CO (United States)

      Unique design and wonderful silk! I got this silk scarf for my sister’s anniversary. She loved the luxurious and soft silk and also the unique design. She couldn’t stop smiling and that made my day.

    • Impressive design! August 16, 2014
      by Carol Steele, Minneapolis, MN (United States)

      Great gift! I got this hand painted silk scarf for my girlfriend on her birthday. She was very impressed by using it and I am happy that I got her something she loved.

    • Gorgeous design! September 5, 2014
      by Grace Figueroa, Harlingen, TX (United States)

      I bought this hand painted silk scarf for my gorgeous wife who loves shades of turquoise combined with chocolate brown. She was astounded by the uniqueness of the silk scarf. She looks stunning whenever she wears it!

    • Brilliant scarf! October 15, 2014
      by Christy Leaman, Rome, GA (United States)

      I just loved the design of this stunning silk scarf. What rich colors also it was doubly good to know that it is special and hand painted. I feel so exclusive wearing this.

    • Painted silk scarf! November 19, 2014
      by Stacey M.- Fremont, CA (United States)

      The colors on this hand painted silk scarf are just mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off this once I opened the pack. Your artists are really creative and superb using their art. I am so proud to have this piece of art for my own, personal self. My husband goes gaga each and every time I wear this scarf.

    • Great hand painted designs! February 27, 2015
      by Lily - RAWDON VALE (Australia)

      Great looking scarf! My sister loved this beautiful scarf that I got for her. The design is simple and eye catching and she loved the aqua-marine hues on it. I was a happy sister to have got her a gift that she adores.

    • Brilliant Design! May 19, 2015
      by Pamela - Everett, WA (United States)

      Sheer brilliance scarf! I simply loved the sheer brilliant design of this silk scarf. It’s delicate, elegant and luxurious. It was love at first sight and immediately draped it on after it arrived in a neat gift pack to look flaunt it to my friends.

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