Silk Scarf Sun Music

Silk Scarf Sun Music

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• Silk scarves are the perfect accessories for any time of the year, and with its glorious red poppy motif against a background of sumptuous olive green, this particular women’s scarf is guaranteed to turn heads in winter, spring, summer and fall.
• Perhaps more so than any other flower, poppies have an enduring appeal for many women and the flowers on this stunning item from our superb collection of silk scarves are a faithful representation of the real thing. As is the case with all of our silk scarves, this beautiful accessory has been hand painted by one of our talented artists and designers.
• The 100% pure silk satin which has been used to produce this and many other of our women’s scarves is incredibly light and feels exquisitely soft against the skin. In addition, the fabric is easy to care for and requires nothing more than a gentle hand wash.
• Poppy lovers everywhere will delight in this gorgeous accessory from our range of silk scarves. Whether you are looking for the perfect poppy scarf for yourself or a loved one, therefore, order today so that you don’t miss out.

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  • Available in 35.0" X 35.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Satin
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $203.95 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Much More Beautiful Scarf Than I Expected August 1, 2011
      by Gwyn R. Richmond, Albuquerque, NM (United States)

      When I opened the box with these scarves, I knew that I found a bargain in luxury! They are 100% handmade in high quality silk. The artists did amazing job! And hey, they make a great gift!PS I just went and bought a couple more. You never know when you might need a nice gift!

    • Absolutely Gorgeous December 29, 2011
      by Isabell, Keota (United States)

      My husband gave me this for Christmas and I just love it! It is a quality piece of silk and the design looks great. I would definitely recommend this scarf/shawl.

    • Amazing silk scarf! May 7, 2012
      by Miriam (United States)

      I bought this scarf as a gift for my best friend. When it arrived, i was very impressed by the nice red packaging with a gold ribbon. It look very elegant and expensive. But the biggest challenge I had was when I saw the scarf, so amazing colours and silk, it was difficult for me to give it away! So, I kept it for myself and ordered another one for her! I love your products, your shop is now my favorite shop for gifts!

    • Elegant accessory August 23, 2012
      by Stella (United States)

      This scarf is very elegant! I wear it first time at my best friend's wedding and it was very admired by the other guests. I loved the attention and the scarf :) I am happy that I purchased it.

    • luxury silk scarves October 5, 2012
      by Jean J. Medina, IL (Canada)

      I wanted to let you know my Sun Music scarf arrived today. This has far exceeded my expectations. The artistic design on it is remarkable and the hand is simply luxury. I look forward to wearing it.

    • Splendid gift for my future wife November 10, 2012
      by Robert (Australia)

      This was a special gift for my fiancée when I asked her to marry me. She was absolutely blown away with the quality and good looks of this silk scarf. She loves red and this scarf matches nearly everything she likes to wear. I have to say this scarf pleased her very much!

    • Splendid gift for my sister's 40th birthday December 26, 2012
      by Maureen (United States)

      This vibrant red and green silk scarf is a piece of art! I received the version on satin and I am very happy. The silk is thick and the hand painting looks fabulous. My sister will be so happy when I will give it to her for her 40th birthday. I recommend this scarf highly!

    • What a lovely silk scarf! January 26, 2013
      by Sondra Jackson Washington (United States)

      I ordered this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the beautiful gift pack. The quality of silk is just amazing, so soft and luxurious. Loved the design too. Would be back for more.

    • A beautiful gift from my best friend! May 1, 2013
      by Isabelle Steel (Australia)

      My best friend got me this elegant looking handmade silk scarf for my birthday. I was completely stunned by the splendid, artistic design and colors. She knows me well and hence picked a design that really reflects my sense of style. Love her and love this scarf.

    • Delicately soft silk scarf! March 25, 2014
      by Milla Maconochie, LAKE TINAROO QLD (Australia)

      I got this brilliant and delicate looking scarf as a gift for myself. I was extremely impressed using the superb quality of silk along with the art work. I have always had a thing for handmade unique items which made me like it even more.

    • Lovely silk scarf! April 29, 2014
      by Cynthia Staton, Houston, TX (United States)

      What lovely silk! I ordered just for this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the gorgeous gift pack. The quality of silk is definitely amazing, so soft and luxurious. Loved the structure too.

    • Lovely silk scarf! May 7, 2014
      by Melissa Cavanaugh, Waukesha, WI (United States)

      What lovely silk! I ordered just for this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the gorgeous gift pack. The quality of silk is definitely amazing, so soft and luxurious. Loved the structure too.

    • Unique Silk Scarf! June 5, 2014
      by Jennifer R., Ottawa, ON (Canada)

      It’s a very unique piece of art! I loved the poppies! I bought one for my daughter and it captured her eyes as soon as she opened it. Your gift wrap looks elegant too!

    • Great design and elegant gift wrap! June 23, 2014
      by Joleen Scott, Varna, IL (United States)

      I got this silk scarf for my mother for her birthday. She completely loved the quality of silk and design and wants me to buy her another for our anniversary. It makes he look more gorgeous whenever she wears your hand painted silk scarf.

    • Sophisticated scarf! July 21, 2014
      by Ashley Machin, Kooskia, ID (United States)

      I ordered for this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the gorgeous gift pack. The quality of silk is just amazing, so soft and luxurious. Would be back for more.

    • Elegant silk scarf! August 4, 2014
      by Jennifer Choate, Lenorah, TX (United States)

      The design is really elegant and suits her persona to the tee. Elegant looking silk scarf! I got this silk scarf for my mom on her birthday. She was very happy when she opened her gift pack. Thanks for that birthday note that came along side.

    • Impressive design! September 29, 2014
      by Stephanie Tillman, Salinas, CA (United States)

      I was extremely impressed by the exquisite design and quality of this silk scarf. I ordered one for my sister’s 25th birthday and was so happy to see her face glow when she unwrapped her gift. I am about to buy one for mom’s birthday too.

    • Great gift! October 6, 2014
      by Lou Craft, Las Cruces, NM (United States)

      I got this beautiful silk scarf for my cousin on her birthday. The design is feminine and delicate, just like her. She was very happy when she opened the gift pack and that made my day

    • Fabulous combination of design! November 18, 2014
      by Ramona W.- Colorado Springs, CO (United States)

      This handmade silk scarf has absolutely stunning color combination. I loved the art work too. The silk is extremely soft to touch and of high quality. I got this for my sister on her anniversary and liked it so much that I later ordered one for myself.

    • Stunning Gift! January 15, 2015
      by Sienna - BIRMINGHAM GARDENS (Australia)

      The designs are stunning and I couldn’t help order a dozen of the scarves for my family and girl gang. Your designs are really creative and unique. The silk is so soft and elegant. I especially love this design. All my friends are also delighted using your silk scarf designs and quality.

    • Unique design! May 21, 2015
      by Bethany - YANYARRIE SA (Australia)

      Unique design and wonderful silk! I got this silk scarf for my sister’s anniversary. She loved the luxurious and soft silk and also the unique design. She couldn’t stop smiling and that made my day.

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