Silk Scarf Pink Tulips Dance

Silk Scarf Pink Tulips Dance

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• During any season, this silk scarf brightens your ensemble and adds a dash of femininity.
• For any woman who appreciates the delicacy and beauty of flowers, this beautiful silk scarf is a must, so why not gift it to yourself?

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  • Available in 36.5" х 37.5" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Crepe
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $463.40 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Beautiful scarf for my wife! April 17, 2014
      by Robert Young, Philadelphia, PA (United States)

      My wife loved the tulip prints. Thank you for creating such an artistic piece of silken scarf. My wife who loves to paint appreciated the colors and the prints utilized create this master piece. With your help really managed to impress her this time.

    • Brilliant silk scarf! April 13, 2014
      by Lois Merril, Oakland, CA (United States)

      I always loved flowery designs and also this beautiful silk scarf is simply the thing for me personally. I got this one for myself a number of days back and am extremely happy with the using the quality and art work.

    • Bold and sensuous scarf! June 9, 2014
      by Teri Little, Grand Rapids, MI (United States)

      I just loved flowery designs and also this beautiful silk scarf is simply the thing for me personally. I got this one for myself a number of days back and am extremely happy with the using the quality and art work.

    • Brilliant silk scarf! July 19, 2014
      by Cynthia Kalinowski, Omaha, NE (United States)

      I bought this silk scarf for my best friend to be with her birthday. She was overjoyed when she opened the gift pack and continued thanking me. It looks lovely on her. I am thankful to women clothing today for helping me get something so wonderful for that special friend in my life.

    • Lovely scarf! August 8, 2014
      by Rosy Moser, Savage, DC (United States)

      I love the quality of the pure silk scarf combined with the gorgeous pink tulips design. Perfect fit to any outfit. I would really recommend your scarves to my friends!

    • Incredible silk scarf! August 20, 2014
      by Nancy Parker, Detroit, MI (United States)

      I was delighted that I bought this incredible silk scarf. It is incredibly elegant and will join with a selection of my dresses. I have worn this to my office, a friend’s house party and out on dinner with my better half. I love the appearance of admiration they I get constantly. Planning to buy a couple of more for myself and my girlfriends!

    • Magnificent silk scarf! September 15, 2014
      by Shalon Pierce, Whaleyville, VA (United States)

      My boyfriend gifted me this silk scarf. The design is really magnificent and so is the silk quality. The tulip flowers pink colors make it so easily wearable with any of my outfits. I would like buy some more for myself and my girl friends.

    • Luxurious scarf! October 4, 2014
      by Winnie Galvan, West Palm Beach, FL (United States)

      This hand painted silk scarf is very luxurious and unique. It’s a scarf that you will not see everywhere. A great gift for myself!

    • Exquisite hand painted scarf January 23, 2015
      by Vera - Indianola, MS (United States)

      What exquisite colors! This is one exquisite piece of art. Mesmerizing colors, wonderful art work and amazing hand painting by artists, makes this silk scarf a genuine collector’s item. The more I am seeing the designs in your collection the more I am impressed. I am sure to get a whole lot more within you people.

    • Impressed with the quality! February 4, 2015
      by Rose - Watertown, MA (United States)

      Impressed using the quality. I got this as a gift for the best friend on her birthday and I was so impressed with the structure and quality that I actually ordered one more for myself!

    • Lovely handmade silk scarf! March 4, 2015
      by Andrea - PADDINGTON NSW (Australia)

      I love your collections. The variety of designs, colors and moods is amazing. I've got almost half a dozen of your scarves right now. This particular silk scarf is really regal in its art work and stands out. The silk feels alluringly soft to touch and also keeps me warm when I wear it around my neck.

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