Silk Scarf Magic Lake

Silk Scarf Magic Lake

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• Silk scarves and shawls are what we are renowned for and the stunning combination of colors on this gorgeous hand painted scarf are sure to make it a highly desirable accessory.
• Featuring a beautiful floral design in shades of blue and mauve on a background of caramel and coffee, this delicious example of our range of silk scarves has an extremely elegant appeal.
• Worn around the neck or underneath the bust to create an empire line, this extremely pretty and feminine women’s scarf will provide a look of individuality to any outfit, but its size also makes it equally wearable as a shawl or wrap for those special evening events.
• The totally unique design is hand painted on to the softest 100% pure silk chiffon and along with our other silk scarves, the drape of the fabric makes it absolutely unmistakable as being of the highest quality.
• With silk scarves as irresistible as this, why even try to hold back. Order yours today.

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  • Available in 20.0" X 69.5" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $268.95 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Elegant combination of colours May 15, 2012
      by Carolyn (United States)

      Striking combination of colours on this scarf! I bought it for a light brown dress, to brighten it and it really does a great job! My dress looks fabulous and elegant. I like the good quality silk that drapes it very nice around my shoulders. I recommend this product to anyone!

    • Silk Scarf for my sister - Magic lake November 30, 2012
      by Joseph R. (United States)

      I just received this silk scarf I bought for Christmas for my sister. It is absolutely lovely! Original design and very good silk. It´s been a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate you assistance in finding a scarf suitable for my sister. I will definitely buy from your shop again.

    • Great gift! February 21, 2013
      by Ross B (United States)

      I got this hand painted silk scarf for my girlfriend on her birthday. She was very impressed with it and I am happy that I got her something that she loved.

    • A true piece of art! August 15, 2013
      by Stella Edwards (United States)

      My sister and I got this beautiful chiffon scarf for our mother, for her 50th anniversary. The hand painting on this scarf looks so beautiful. We both liked the scarf very much. I am excited to see how my mother will react when she will see this piece of art!

    • Elegant silk scarf! April 5, 2014
      by Margaret Ramirez, Rowena, TX (United States)

      This is one beautiful silk scarf. Amazing hand painted art work, wonderful silk and elegant looks all of this makes a sure winner. I loved it and have worn it on many occasions, never failing to show heads. Thanks women clothing today.

    • Great gift for women! April 22, 2014
      by Harriet O'Connor, Chicago, IL (United States)

      Great gift! I got this hand painted silk scarf for my girlfriend on her birthday. She was very impressed by using it and I am happy that I got her something she loved.

    • Lovely silk scarf! May 14, 2014
      by Karen McFarland, Davey, NE (United States)

      Lovely scarf! I got this hand painted silk scarf for my girlfriend on her birthday. She was very impressed by using it and I am happy that I got her something she loved.

    • Elegant silk scarf! July 14, 2014
      by Pauline Caffee, Hanover, ME (United States)

      Elegant silk scarf! I loved this beautiful silk scarf that my husband gifted me. The design is elegant, the silk is of great quality and the colors are wonderful too.

    • Gorgeous design! July 24, 2014
      by Jennifer Granger, Dayton, OH (United States)

      I got this beautiful silk scarf for my best friend on her birthday. The design is feminine and delicate, just like her. She was very happy when she opened the gift pack and that made my day.

    • Wonderful silk scarf! August 3, 2014
      by Bridget Brewer, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

      Wonderful silk scarf! It arrived faster than I thought it would in a very nice gift pack. I couldn’t stop draping it on when it arrived and went flaunting it to my office. Everybody went wow and was glad that I got myself such a wonderful and exquisite accessory.

    • Wonderful silk scarf! September 27, 2014
      by Carol Givens, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

      I picked this wonderful silk scarf since the print on it intrigued me. Was not sure whether my mom would like it or not but she too appreciated its unique print. I am so happy.

    • Fantastic design! October 25, 2014
      by Dorothy Jenkins, Buffalo Grove, IL (United States)

      I simply loved the girly essence of the design. It is definitely perfect to spice up my office wear with a touch of feminine class. The silk is fantastic too.

    • Exquisite hand-painted scarf October 22, 2014
      by Adrienne Scott - Philadelphia, PA (United States)

      I simply love the colors for this exquisite hand-painted scarf. Very appealing towards the senses so helping me stand out when I wear it. The silk chiffon feels awesome and I never fail to turn heads when I am wearing this. It is an absolute favorite of mine.

    • Unique shawls! December 2, 2014
      by Marion (United States)

      It was surely a unique way to propose and I just loved the way he made it happen. This scarf will always be special for me. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful item.

    • Fantastic design! December 19, 2014
      by Trudie - Wainwright, AB (United States)

      It is bold and feminine at the same time, precisely what I wanted. But I was slightly unsure about how good it would be when I ordered for this. Once it arrived, I must say I was impressed.

    • Brilliant Design!!! February 21, 2015
      by Dena-Pittsburgh, PA (United States)

      Beautiful piece of art! I love the abstract design of this excellent silk scarf. Floral patterns are common, but this has an art work that stands apart from the commonplace. The silk is amazingly good and so is the color combination. I am a major fan of your abstract designs

    • Very cute for any scarf lover November 22, 2015
      by Imogen - QLD (Australia)

      Very cute for any scarf lover. As described, I found no fault with it. I bought 10 scarves for girl gang as Christmas gift. I know they will love the scarves as I do!

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