Viscose and Polyester Silky Scarf 24

Viscose and Polyester Silky Scarf 24

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You will Love this Silky Soft Scarf!

• You will Love this Silky Soft Scarf!
• It can be worn with eveningwear or daywear, in the winter or summer, as a warm scarf or as a fashionable accessory.
• It long and wide enough to put it loosely over the shoulders, upper body, arms, or over the head.
• We are committed to producing cutting edge design and the highest quality women clothing accessories.

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  • Available in 30.0" X 79.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 70 Viscose and 30% Polyester
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)
    • Imported

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $9.50 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • The scarf is lovely and fashionable November 11, 2015
      by Bonnie - Cle Elum (United States)

      I was looking for a perfect gift for my grandma this Christmas and I saw this elegant silk scarf. The scarf is lovely and fashionable. I will be ordering more from you people in the near future.

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