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Look Great for Less in Hand Painted Silk

May 8, 2011

  One of life’s lessons learned by women is how to look wonderful inexpensively. At college, you are trying to survive. When you leave the nest finally to set out on your own you are trying to look good and pay for your own apartment. As a mother you try to purchase your home, send the kids off to school and still dress appropriately. Yet, there are times, when the occasion demands more from you and your wallet. Somehow or other, you manage to spend little on your wardrobe but nevertheless achieve great things. You improvise, being both creative and inventive to make sure you look marvelous.

A basic technique to accomplish much on a limited budget is to utilize the characteristics of cut and color. To can deceive people as to the worth of even a cheap outfit if it is a color that suits your skin and hair color, if it fits very well and if it is basic in design. Another way to accomplish this is to spend as much as you can afford then utilize a few high quality accessories. This will provide you and your outfit with an overall notion of sumptuousness and affluence.

One simple way to accomplish this goal is to purchase a hand dyed silk scarf and/or a hand painted shawl. They provide a sense of fashion, sophistication and classiness almost any inexpensive garment. The reasonable cost of these 100% pure silk fabric is made even more astonishing in consideration of the labor-intensive process used to create unique and completely wearable artwork. It does not matter if you wear these accessories on or below your clothing, the handmade silk scarf and shawl will draw the attention away from the outfit. In the end, the viewer will believe the entire ensemble is of the same high value.

There is no doubt a person with a discerning eye will distinguish the superior quality of this fabric. Certain characteristics make it easy to determine the difference between something created painstakingly from silk or another cheaper fabric. Some immediately can recognize the difference between 100% pure silk and adulterated products. They recognize the distinctive patina and sheen of the fabric. They also can see how the material drapes and flows. If you truly want to look your most professional for an interview or at work, if you feel like smartening up a casual outfit or even if you need to look at your very best for an evening affair, you can rely on a single hand painted silk scarf or shawl to look your best for less.


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