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The Gift of Silk

November 1, 2012

Christmas is knocking on the door and there is no better way to celebrate the flavors of life than by wearing your heart out on the hand painted silk scarves. Festivals and art have come a long way and Christmas is the one festival where art can communicate with the soul. Art in any form pleases the five senses and color soothes the mind and soul. When art finds a form and shape and is induced with colors of the rainbow, beautiful silk scarves are born.

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Ways to Wear Your Accessories

November 23, 2010

Finding jewelry and searching for the perfect belt or hair band can be difficult but why search when you can make the best out of what you already have. By all means do go shopping if your selection is limited but you’ll be surprised how many items we have in our closets because we simply don’t see any other use for them. But with most accessories the great part is you can use them make your outfit look classy and sheik with just adding bracelets or necklaces. But you can make the best out what you have with these simple steps.

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Ways to Stay Warm

October 27, 2010

Sometimes staying warm and looking cute can be challenging at times. It’s not the best way to look at all the time either but sometime we get tired of seeing girls wear boots with shorts and a scarf in the pouring rain. It’s not the best look for the rain but some of us girls do just because to us it’s not cute. We want to be warm and cute and with these fun and innovative ways you can look gorgeous without looking like a big ball of cloth ready for the worst weather.

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