Silk Scarf Rose Petals

Silk Scarf Rose Petals

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• Silk scarves, wraps and shawls of the highest quality are what we at are renowned for, which is why we offer a no quibble, money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. When you receive your glorious accessory though, you won’t want to part with it.
• Made from luxurious pure silk chiffon, this stunning item from our collection of exclusive silk scarves and shawls is sure to captivate its wearer and everyone else who sees it. In beautiful shades of blue, mauve and caramel, it features a totally unique floral design which is the work of one of our extremely talented designers and artists.
• Although many people tend to think of pure silk as being difficult to take care of, its fineness and light weight belie its strength and durability. Just treat our hand painted silk scarves and shawls to a gentle hand wash and they will retain their vibrant colors and stay looking great for years.
• As all of our silk scarves, wraps and shawls are entirely unique pieces of artwork, be sure to order fast to secure the accessory of your choice.

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  • Available in 68.0" X 26.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $470.35 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Silk Scarf Rose Petals March 28, 2012
      by Maisie (Australia)

      This scarf is superb! Very soft on your skin, delicate and elegant! I enjoy wearing it. I will buy few in the future as you have a wonderful silk scarves collection!

    • Great gift for women! April 2, 2014
      by Madison Wieck, ROUND SWAMP NSW (Australia)

      Unique gift for the woman in your life. I bought a scarf from a collection was for my girlfriend’s birthday. She was impressed by using it that I decided to get one for my sister’s birthday and I got this one. I have decided that I will gift each one of the important women in my life an unique silk scarf from your collection.

    • Bold and sensuous scarf! May 5, 2014
      by Anna Dunham, Lake City, SC (United States)

      My brother got me this beautiful handmade silk scarf for my anniversary. I must say that I am completely in love with this exquisite piece of art. People always go wow whenever I wear this to any social function. I am not complaining at all. I am planning to buy several more from your collection.

    • Bold and sensuous scarf! May 24, 2014
      by Melissa Gross, Las Vegas, NV (United States)

      I got me this beautiful handmade silk scarf for my anniversary. I must say that I am completely in love with this exquisite piece of art. People always go wow whenever I wear this to any social function. I am not complaining at all. I am planning to buy several more from your collection.

    • Exquisite scarf! July 22, 2014
      by Laura Whitehurst, Concord, VA (United States)

      I was looking for something delicate and exquisite to gift my mom on her birthday and this stunning hand painted silk scarf was only the thing. Once my sister saw it, she made me promise that I will get her a similar one on her birthday. I guess I have to come back for more.

    • Fabulous design! August 4, 2014
      by Mary Frank, Anchorage, AK (United States)

      I absolutely loved the feminine design of this attractive looking silk scarf. The silk feels so soft and luxurious. I have recommended your collection to my friends.

    • Lovely scarf! August 12, 2014
      by Lindsey Spence, Carrington, ND (United States)

      I simply loved the girly essence of the design. It is just perfect to spice up my wearing to work with a touch of feminine class. The silk is excellent too.

    • Impressive scarf! September 8, 2014
      by Jennifer Taylor, Venice, FL (United States)

      I was extremely impressed by the exquisite design and quality of this silk scarf. I ordered one for my cousin’s 24th birthday and was so happy to see her face glow when she unwrapped her gift. I am about to buy one for sister’s birthday too.

    • Very unique and vibrant colored scarf! October 13, 2014
      by Mary G. - Toronto, ON (Canada)

      I am completely happy with this silk scarf that I got for my sister’s birthday. The design is very unique and colors are vibrant. Sis loved it the moment she took it out of the gift pack. She kept on thanking throughout the evening for such a beautiful gift. Thanks for that lovely items of accessory that you have. Now I know where to get gifts for all the women inside my life.

    • Lovely scarf! December 11, 2014
      by Taisha-Tori Lane (United States)

      I bought this scarf for my wife. I got this silk scarf for my lady for her birthday. She completely loved the quality of silk and design and wants me to buy her another for our anniversary.

    • Beautiful scarf! February 3, 2015
      by Edna - Manchester, KY (United States)

      My best friend was really happy when I gifted her beautiful silk scarf on her birthday. She likes delicate stuff and I felt this could be perfect gift for her and I was totally right.

    • I really loved this scarf! November 30, 2015
      by Vicki - Jupiter, FL (United States)

      I bought this silk scarf to wear to a Christmas party and... we didn't end up going. I forgot to wear this scarf to church on Christmas also. :( I feel very lovely whenever I wear this hand painted scarf!

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