Silk Scarf The Rose Hips

Silk Scarf The Rose Hips

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• The unique feature of all our products is that the design of fabric is created by our own artists and designers.
• Each of our scarfs is hand finished, unique, and made of the most luxurious and highest quality 100% silk.
• All the garments are completely colorfast and don’t fade or run. Plus, all scarves are hand washable.
• Light and soft, it will keep you warm while being stylish.
• These beautiful fashion accessories and silk scarves can change your entire look and give you a dashing, elegant and unique style that's all your own.
• You will feel as lovely as you truly are while wearing this scarf.
• We are committed to producing cutting edge design and the highest quality handcrafted silk clothing.

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  • Available in 21.0" X 66.2" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Satin
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $245.98 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Silk Scarf The Rose Hips #215090 March 27, 2012
      by Kellie (Canada)

      I love this scarf! My husband gave it to me as present for my birthday. The texture of the silk is fabulously soft and the painting amazing! I am very happy with my gift!

    • Stylish gift for my social butterfly sister! March 28, 2013
      by Rosie W. (Canada)

      She absolutely loved the roses painted on the silk scarf. Thank God!! I could finally pick a gift that suited her taste. She’s just raving about your range of silken scarves.

    • Gorgeous scarf! April 7, 2014
      by Kaitlyn Allman, VIRGINIA QLD (Australia)

      I absolutely loved the feminine design of this attractive looking silk scarf. The silk feels so soft and luxurious. I have recommended your collection to my friends.

    • Exquisite scarf! April 29, 2014
      by Tamra Moore, Washington, DC (United States)

      I was looking for something delicate and exquisite to gift my mom on her birthday and this stunning hand painted silk scarf was only the thing. Once my sister saw it, she made me promise that I will get her a similar one on her birthday. I guess I have to come back for more.

    • Exquisite scarf! May 10, 2014
      by Melody Evans, Saint Charles, MO (United States)

      Exquisite design! I was looking for something delicate and exquisite to gift my mom on her birthday and this stunning hand painted silk scarf was only the thing. Once my sister saw it, she made me promise that I will get her a similar one on her birthday. I guess I have to come back for more.

    • Brilliant silk scarf! July 11, 2014
      by Glenda Currie, Alexandria, LA (United States)

      My brother got me this beautiful handmade silk scarf for my anniversary. I must say that I am completely in love with this exquisite piece of art. People always go wow whenever I wear this to any social function. I am not complaining at all. I am planning to buy several more from your collection.

    • Stunning scarf! July 31, 2014
      by Genevive Cambell, Coleman, WI (United States)

      This handmade silk scarf has absolutely stunning color combination. I loved the art work too. The silk is extremely soft to touch and of high quality. I got this for my sister on her anniversary and liked it so much that I later ordered one for myself.

    • Impressive scarf! August 5, 2014
      by Grace Keefer, Overland Park, MO (United States)

      I was extremely impressed by the exquisite design and quality of this silk scarf. I ordered one for my cousin’s 25th birthday and was so happy to see her face glow when she unwrapped her gift. I want to buy one for sister’s birthday too.

    • Wonderful silk scarf! September 23, 2014
      by Hazel Jefferson, Miami, FL (United States)

      I bought a scarf from a collection was for my girlfriend’s birthday. She was impressed by using it that I decided to get one for my sister’s birthday and I got this one. I have decided that I will gift each one of the important women in my life a unique silk scarf from your collection.

    • Very chic and colorful! October 30, 2014
      by Lillian J. - London, ON (Canada)

      Very chic and colorful! I loved the style and ordered for this. It arrived really fast and was very impressed to see the quality of silk, the magnificent hand print and also the softness of the silk scarf.

    • Magnificent silk scarf! December 8, 2014
      by Tracy -Houston, TX (United States)

      The design is absolutely magnificent and so is t he silk quality. The myriad colors make it so easily wearable with some of my outfits. I would like to buy a lot more for myself and my girl friends.

    • Delightful Scarf! March 13, 2015
      by Kathryn-Akron, OH (United States)

      What delightful colors! I loved the pink hues of this stunning silk scarf. My boyfriend got this to me and couldn’t stop thanking him. He told me about you people and I am finding many of your designs really awesome.

    • My wife truly loved the scarf November 29, 2015
      by Daniel - Louisville, KY (United States)

      This arrived earlier than we expected. My wife loves the scarf. It's simple and light and the scarf is the perfect accessory on hot or cold days. She pairs it with a yellow tunic, leggings, and boots. She would love to get another scarf for Christmas!

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