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What Does Your Silk Scarf Say About You?

October 10, 2010

  Everything that we choose in life says something about the people we are, whether it be our partners, our jobs, our homes, our cars, our furnishings or our clothes. Even our women’s silk scarves have stories to tell about who we are, so what are other people reading into your choice?

Is it plain?

Women who choose silk scarves in a plain color do so for a number of reasons, which means that the message you are giving out about yourself could be misinterpreted. Cost, of course, is one thing which might cross the minds of others, and because plain silk scarves are typically cheaper than patterned ones, your choice might be saying ‘It was all I could afford,’ which may not be true. On the other hand, you might be viewed as practical, due to the fact that a plain scarf is likely to match with a greater number of your outfits, although again this might suggest that you could not afford a different scarf to go with each. The lack of a design might also strike others as being an unadventurous choice made by someone who is afraid to make a strong statement about who they are.

Patterned silk scarves, although they do not necessarily imply greater wealth (that depends on the craftwork as we shall see in a moment), do suggest that the wearer has a strong sense of who she is, as well as greater levels of self-confidence.

Is it good quality silk?

Silk, of course, isn’t just silk, and the quality of the fabric shows in the way that it feels, moves and drapes. Poorer quality silk may have you labeled as a cheapskate or as someone who is unable to differentiate between good quality and bad. Silk which is 100% pure, however, says ‘This is the best. I know it’s the best. I am worth the best.’

Is it printed or handmade?

The repeat designs on printed silk scarves speak of uniformity, blending in and perhaps of a lack of imagination. Although some would say that printed designer-labeled silk scarves declare that the wearer is interested in fashion and in being up-to-the-minute, it could be argued that she is still a follower rather than a leader. Handmade silk scarves, on the other hand, because they incorporate totally unique designs, declare to the world that the wearer is an individual who is not afraid to set her own trends or to let the world see who she is.

The printed or handmade issue also raises the question of quality versus price. Whilst some might think that a printed Hermes or Chanel scarf suggests quality, simply because it costs more, the fact is that it still carries a mass-produced, printed design and the wearer is just paying for the brand name. In terms of real quality, a hand-painted silk scarf is at the very top of the league, despite retailing for about the same price as a designer brand. It is these women’s scarves which declare the owner to be a person of elegance and distinction.


October 10, 2010

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