Silk Scarf The Peafowls

Silk Scarf The Peafowls

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• Women’s scarves which are as long as this one allow the ultimate in creativity when seeking different ways to wear them, but in addition they give full scope to the artist when creating hand painted designs such as the elegant peafowl which feature on this stunning accessory.
• Set against a sheer background of the palest grey, the long curved necks of the birds on this elegant example of our women’s scarves stand out to perfection, while the bright feathers provide an explosion of gorgeous colors at each end of the 100% pure silk chiffon fabric.
• As with all silk women’s scarves that we sell, this one carries an entirely unique design that you will not see reproduced anywhere, making our silk scarves all the more exclusive and desirable.
• Women’s scarves really don’t get any better than this, so be sure to order this beautiful one-of-a-kind accessory while you still have the chance.

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  • Available in 118.0" X 67.5" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $203.35 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • A hit! January 9, 2012
      by D. Athey, ON (Canada)

      I bought this beautiful scarf for my wife for Christmas. It was a last minute choice and wasn't sure if i will receive it in time. But people at WomenClothingToday made it possible and I could surprise my wife with this gift. She was so thrilled as you could never imagine! I am very grateful to you for making this possible! Your dedication to make sure the package will arrive before Christmas was amazing. Thank you!

    • Uncommon design that I love! February 21, 2013
      by Shavon E. (United States)

      I am very fond of scarves and have quite a collection. I loved this silk scarf for its uncommon design and color palette. The delivery was very prompt and I was happy with my choice when I opened the pack. It looked much better than the photographs on your website and was so luxurious to feel. I feel pampered.

    • Exquisite artwork! April 3, 2014
      by Rosemary Utt, Dallas, TX (United States)

      This beautiful hand painted silk scarf is definitely beautiful. Exquisite artwork, endearing colors and delicate softness of silk, it is one hell of an accessory. All my buddies are jealous of the scarf collection I have from your lines. Thanks.

    • Lovely silk scarf! April 19, 2014
      by Linda Langford, Needham, MA (United States)

      I loved this silk scarf for its uncommon design and color palette. The delivery was very prompt and I was satisfied with my choice when I opened the pack. It looked much better than the photographs on your website and was so luxurious to feel.

    • Luxurious scarf! May 13, 2014
      by Mildred Kress, Lytle, TX (United States)

      Luxurious design! I loved this silk scarf for its uncommon design and color palette. The delivery was very prompt and I was satisfied with my choice when I opened the pack. It looked much better than the photographs on your website and was so luxurious to feel.

    • Amazing designs! July 11, 2014
      by Maria Parker, Baltimore, MD (United States)

      I must compliment your artists for the amazingly beautiful designs that they come up with. This is the third silk scarf that I got for myself from your collections and am completely happy with all of them. Great design, wonderful silk and sheer elegance.

    • Fabulous scarf! July 23, 2014
      by Janice Toomey, Redmond, WA (United States)

      I was completely bowled over by this great looking silk scarf when I opened my gift pack. My husband got this for my birthday and I was thoroughly impressed with his together with his choice. I have always liked handmade unique items and the husband made my day with this gift.

    • Elegant scarf! August 2, 2014
      by Shirley Veasey, Akron, NY (United States)

      Elegant silk scarf! My husband got this stunning and stylish silk scarf on my birthday. I have never given him much credit for his sense of fashion; however I must admit that I was bowled over by this. Classy and luxurious, the design and soft feel of the silk had me go gaga. I have advised my hubby to stick to the same address when he buys me something the next occasion.

    • Bold and sensuous design! September 18, 2014
      by Eleanor Norris, Fort Collins, CO (United States)

      I got this beautiful silk scarf for my mom on her birthday. The design is feminine and delicate, just like her. She was very happy when she opened the gift pack and that made my day.

    • Very chic design! October 24, 2014
      by Melissa Clark, Portland, OR (United States)

      Very chic and elegant! This hand-painted silk scarf has being one of my favorite pieces of accessories. The nice blend of colors can make it wearable with any of my outfits and makes a great style statement. I want to get several more from your collections.

    • I will never forget this special scarf November 1, 2014
      by Verna A., Reston, VA (United States)

      My boyfriend proposed to me by knotting this scarf around my neck. It was surely a distinctive way to propose and I just loved just how he made it happen. This scarf will always be special to me. Thank you so much for creating a real beautiful item.

    • Luxurious scarf designs! December 4, 2014
      by Elsa (United States)

      I was as impressed by the design on your website as when the scarf actually arrived. It feels soft, luxurious and wonderful when I drape this on. I certainly want more.

    • Wonderful silk scarf! December 10, 2014
      by Frances - Jewett, OH (United States)

      Wonderful hand painted art work, great quality of silk and really fast delivery by the company. My husband tells me that I look completely scintillating in this one.

    • Creative Shawls! February 20, 2015
      by Jessica - Madisonville, KY (United States)

      I love the creative designs of the artists especially this silk scarf. Makes for any perfect accessory. The colors are warm, designs are beautiful and also the silk is wonderfully soft and warm. I am planning to buy a few more for my sister and mom.

    • Perfect scarf! Great buy for Christmas November 30, 2015
      by Keira - WA (Australia)

      I got the scarf exactly as described. Perfect fit, soft silk chiffon scarf. This one is a great buy for Christmas not just for myself but as a gift to my mom too! The price of the scarf is really worth it!

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