Silk Scarf Night Flowers

Silk Scarf Night Flowers

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• Silk scarves which work with limited color ranges make some of the classiest style statements and this fabulous example of our square silk scarves in monochrome shades of blue is sure to put the finishing touches on even the most elegant of outfits.
• Made from the finest pure silk chiffon, this beautiful women’s scarf carries a floral design over half of the fabric. When folded across the diagonal to wear around the head or neck, therefore, it is possible to have completely different parts of the pattern on show.
• The shades of the colorfast dyes which have been used to create this superb accessory are perfect for teaming up with outfits in either black or navy blue, and this particular silk scarf is ideal for creating an ultra-smart daytime look or a sexy evening style.
• Ordering your one-of-a-kind accessory from our sumptuous range of silk scarves is both quick and easy, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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  • Available in 28.0" X 28.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $125.15 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Silk Scarf Night Flowers March 18, 2012
      by Leora (Austria)

      I bought this scarf for my sister as a gift but couldn't give it to her anymore once I received it! This silk scarf is gorgeous! I had to buy her something else and promised her that I will buy another scarf from you soon :) She loved it too. Thank you for making such nice silk scarves!

    • Just received this scarf and I am pleased! September 1, 2012
      by Mellisa (United States)

      Just received this scarf and I am pleased! Very good quality silk and with beautiful design. You cannot tell it is hand painted as the painting looks perfect! Wonderful art scarf!

    • Impressed with the quality February 3, 2013
      by Sofia H. (United Kingdom)

      I got this as a gift for a best friend on her birthday and I was so impressed with the design and quality that I actually ordered one more for myself!

    • Wonderful silk scarf! April 19, 2013
      by Richard C. (United States)

      You have a really great collection of silk scarves. I was browsing to pick one for my girlfriend and it took my quite some time to choose one. I thought this one would look really good on her and that was confirmed when she draped it around her neck. I like the silk quality and the price, quite reasonable.

    • Beautiful, artistic silk scarf for my mother! May 7, 2013
      by Beatriz Costa (United States)

      I got this silk scarf for my mother’s birthday and she simply adored it. When I ordered for it, I wasn’t sure whether she will really like it. But when she opened her gift she couldn’t stop thanking me. I was glad that I got something for her that she really appreciated. Thanks.

    • Perfect scarf! March 31, 2014
      by Marion L. Louis, Montgomery, AL (United States)

      I bought a couple for my girlfriends and they really loved the combination of blue hues and floral design. It was a perfect fit for any occasions. This hand painted scarf made my day!

    • Impressive beautiful scarf! April 19, 2014
      by Barbara Lightner, Athens, GA (United States)

      Impressed using the quality. I got this as a gift for the best friend on her birthday and I was so impressed with the structure and quality that I actually ordered one more for myself!

    • Great gift for women! May 21, 2014
      by Johanna Williams, Minneapolis, MN (United States)

      I was so impressed using the quality. I got this as a gift for the best friend on her birthday and I was so impressed with the structure and quality that I actually ordered one more for myself!

    • Beautiful scarf! June 28, 2014
      by Joyce R., Montreal, QC (Canada)

      This is one beautiful silk scarf. Amazing hand painted art work, wonderful silk and elegant looks all of this makes a sure winner. I loved it and have worn it on many occasions, never failing to show heads. Thanks women clothing today.

    • Lovely scarf! June 28, 2014
      by Lena Pound, Phoenix, AZ (United States)

      I got this as a gift for my best friend on her birthday and I was so really loved the combination of blue hues and floral design. It was a perfect fit for her.

    • Fabulous design! July 31, 2014
      by Mary Mitchell, Kansas City, MO (United States)

      Unique design that I really liked! I did like the design on your webpage, but once it arrived I was wowed through the brilliance of the hand painted pattern. I am sure to buy more and also recommend it to my buddies.

    • Sophisticated scarf! August 18, 2014
      by Julia Meyers, Traverse City, MI (United States)

      I loved the various and unique hand painting that this silk scarf has. Makes for any great combination with my black dress. The silk quality is amazingly good too. I will definitely come back for more!

    • Elegant scarf! September 6, 2014
      by Pamela Rush, Oklahoma City, OK (United States)

      It’s a very unique piece of art! I bought one for my daughter and it captured her eyes as soon as she opened it. Your gift wrap looks elegant too!

    • Incredible silk scarf! October 10, 2014
      by Dorothy Lippincott, Wilmington, DE (United States)

      I was delighted that I bought this incredible silk scarf. It is incredibly elegant and will join with a selection of my dresses. I have worn this to my office, a friend’s house party and out on dinner with my better half. I love the appearance of admiration they I get constantly. Planning to buy a couple of more for myself and my girlfriends!

    • Amazing silk scarf! November 19, 2014
      by Isabelle T. - TERRAMUNGAMINE NSW (Australia)

      The beautiful design and the amazing hand painting make it more special. Loved the softness of the silk. Thank you for the wonderful line up that you might have.

    • Lovely Scarf!!! January 13, 2015
      by Branimira - Otterville, ON (Canada)

      What lovely silk! I ordered just for this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the gorgeous gift pack. The quality of silk is definitely amazing, so soft and luxurious. Loved the structure too.

    • Great scarf! May 12, 2015
      by Lola - KELVIN GROVE BC QLD (Australia)

      Great looking scarf! My Mom loved this beautiful scarf that I got for her. The design is simple and eye catching and she loved the aqua-marine hues on it. I was a happy daughter to have got her a gift that she adores.

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