Silk Scarf The Kiss of Klimt 5

Silk Scarf The Kiss of Klimt 5

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• Hand painted silk scarves are produced using a painstaking process which builds up their designs from an original piece of artwork to the finished article, and every one of our handmade silk scarves carries its own entirely unique design.
• Inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, this stunning example of our hand painted silk scarves in 100% pure silk satin features a beautiful abstract design incorporating an image of a couple in a romantic embrace.
• The key colours used in the pattern are rustic shades of beige, gold and caramel along with pale blue, making it ideal for year-round wear and for mixing and matching with a whole range of different-coloured outfits.
• What could be more perfect for a Valentine Day gift than this gorgeous accessory with its romantic theme, but why wait for someone else to make a present of one of our superb silk scarves? Why not order one as a special treat for yourself?

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  • Available in 21.5" X 65.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Satin
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $801.60 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Wonderful! January 24, 2012
      by Williemae, CA (United States)

      Wow! What a great scarf! I wasn't sure about how this scarf will look in reality but i can tell you it blew my mind! I am a painter myself and I was very pleased to see the quality of detail and beauty of the scarf. I am very pleased with my purchase and will buy more in the future!

    • The kiss - Klimt July 16, 2012
      by Marian (Canada)

      I am absolutely thrilled with this scarf! It is a piece of art! I am a Klimt admirer and I couldn't believe when I saw you have a scarf inspired by "the Kiss". I order it right away, it is a gem! The silk is gorgeous and feels great on the skin. I loved also the packaging you had for it and also the personal note you attached to the package. Wonderful service!

    • Klimt wearable art August 28, 2012
      by Holly, NY (United States)

      Yes, this scarf is a gem! The quality of this scarf is very high and i have the feeling that it was painted by Klimt itself! It is indeed a piece of art and I am glad I own it. I will come back for other Klimt scarves as you have a pretty big collection of his art.

    • Wow, what a piece of art! Klimt would be proud of this silk scarf! August 6, 2013
      by Roberta Norton, California (United States)

      I just received this silk scarf inspired by Gustav Klimt. Wow, what a piece of art! No wonder why people are mad about your collections. My girlfriend is raving about your website and a week ago I give it a try too. I felt in love with this scarf and now I have it! I am very happy!

    • Beautiful and unique abstract design! April 3, 2014
      by Charles Bare, New York, NY (United States)

      My wife is an art lover and this unique abstract design caught my attention on your website. I bought this for her 30th birthday and she was delighted to see the exquisite scarf wrapped elegantly. She can’t stop asking for more on her upcoming birthdays!

    • Unique scarf! April 23, 2014
      by Kenya Gatewood, Sweet Valley, PA (United States)

      I got this unique silk scarf from my sister as a birthday gift. While I have numerous in floral patterns, this one was unique and elegant at the same time. She really loved the bold gold and caramel combination. She is delighted using the quality of silk is wonderful and saya that it feels soft and luxurious to touch.

    • Unique scarf! May 9, 2014
      by Emily Rakowski, San Diego, CA (United States)

      While I have numerous in floral patterns, this one was unique and elegant at the same time. She really loved the bold gold and caramel combination. She is delighted using the quality of silk is wonderful and saya that it feels soft and luxurious to touch.

    • Perfect gift for my sister June 25, 2014
      by Leroy Farmer - Jacksonville, FL (United States)

      I was extremely stunned at the exquisite design excellence of this silk scarf. I ordered one for my sister’s 29th birthday and was very happy to view her face glow when she unwrapped her gift. I am intending to buy one for grandma’s birthday too.

    • Great scarf! June 9, 2014
      by Rebecca Bibbs, Annapolis Junction, MD (United States)

      I was very nervous and wanted to look just perfect for my first date. I wore it over my little black dress. He really surprised me by complimenting “Your scarf is looking good on you. Thanks a lot guys for making my day.

    • Unique scarf! July 1, 2014
      by Brooke Lebow, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

      Modern and unique! I have many silk scarves, but none probably as unique as this one. The abstract and symbolic art work in this exquisite silk scarf really is an eye grabber. I have had so many colleagues and friends asking me where I got this from that I have lost count. I did give them your company name and am a big fan of your respective designs.

    • Great scarf! August 2, 2014
      by Esther Pittman, Seneca, SC (United States)

      I got this one for myself a few weeks back. The package arrived quickly after I ordered for it. Once I opened the neat gift pack I was completely bowled over by the hand painting and also the silk quality. I want to buy a lot more.

    • Adorable scarf! September 26, 2014
      by Ida Johnson, Newark, NJ (United States)

      This beautiful hand painted silk scarf is definitely beautiful. Exquisite artwork, endearing colors and delicate softness of silk, it is one hell of an accessory. All my buddies are jealous of the scarf collection I have from your lines. Thanks.

    • Elegant silk scarf! October 4, 2014
      by Michele Stevenson, Bogart, GA (United States)

      My best friend got me this elegant looking handmade silk scarf for my birthday. I was completely bowled over by the design and colors. She knows me out and therefore picked a design that really reflects my sense of style. Love her and love this scarf.

    • A scarf that fits all November 2, 2014
      by Lilian Nix, New York, NY (United States)

      This hand painted silk scarf fits on all outfits along with the elegant design! I have recommended your website to my officemates so they can grab one of your unique and exquisite designs too!

    • Elegant design! December 18, 2014
      by Sandra (United States)

      I bought this as being a gift for my mom on her birthday. The elegance and delicate design completely goes with her persona. She was impressed with my gift and said that mine was the best gift that she got on her birthday.

    • Very luxurious! January 20, 2015
      by Katie - ARAMAC QLD (Australia)

      Bold design and vivid colors! I have always loved bold designs and strong colors, goes well with my persona. Evidently I was delighted when my boyfriend got me this silk scarf as a present. Loved its design and also the softness of the silk material

    • This scarf really meets my expectations. December 10, 2015
      by Letha - Camden, NJ (Canada)

      This scarf really meets my expectations. I look and feel great whenever I wear this scarf. People always compliment me when I wear this scarf especially on our Christmas party. I use it as a scarf around the front part of my hair too.

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