Silk Scarf The Poppies

Silk Scarf The Poppies

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• Women’s scarves such as this glorious example from our exclusive collection of silk scarves, wraps and shawls offer the ultimate in versatility.
• With its fabulous poppy design, this women’s scarf would make the perfect accompaniment to a whole range of daywear, but best of all it can be used in so many different ways. Tie it around your neck for a look of class and professionalism, drape it around your shoulders for added warmth or even fasten it to your favorite purse for that truly designer look.
• Because poppies are one of the best-loved flowers of all, this gorgeous example of our silk scarves would make the perfect gift for a close friend or family member. With its totally one-off hand painted design and luxury 100% pure silk chiffon fabric, this stunning scarf is guaranteed to make your loved one feel special.
• The patterns on our silk scarves, wraps and shawls are all the creations of talented artists and as each one is hand painted, no two are ever the same.
• Order from our fabulous range of silk scarves and shawls and you will benefit from our money-back guarantee if you are not entirely delighted with your purchase.

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  • Available in 35.4" X 35.4" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $251.95 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Unbelievable gorgeous silk scarf! October 3, 2012
      by Evelyn Suggs (United States)

      Wow! Have you ever seen a more beautiful red than on this scarf? I haven't! It is absolutely unique piece of art! I love it and wear it constantly since I bought it. I am very impressed with the quality of this scarf!

    • Great Scarf! Great anniversary gift! January 2, 2013
      by Luisa (United States)

      My husband gifted this scarf to me for our wedding anniversary last month. Superb silk scarf! I adore the red poppies and the splendid artistic design!
      Great scarf!

    • Elegance in silk February 28, 2013
      by Jessica (United States)

      I was really impressed by the unique and creative design of this stunning silk scarf. I ordered it and when it arrived, I was completely bowled over by its brilliance. The silk was so delicate and luxurious to touch. I am eyeing a few more from your collection :)

    • I love this vibrant poppy design scarf! July 9, 2013
      by Marcia Banks (United States)

      I like this scarf because of its vibrant poppy design. I bought it a month back to gift someone, but now its’ mine. I couldn't give it away. I promised her to get another one with similar design. You have plenty of scarves with poppies design and I am thrilled with that. I love poppies!

    • Stunning and Brilliant Scarf! April 4, 2014
      by Christie Lee, Helena, MT  (United States)

      I love the reds, it can make this hand painted silk scarf look gorgeous, stunning and brilliant! I was as astounded by the design on your website as when the scarf actually arrived. It feels soft, luxurious and wonderful when I drape this on. I certainly want more. Keep them coming!

    • Stunning silk scarf! April 28, 2014
      by Noreen Sloan, Prattsville, AR (United States)

      Elegance in silk! I was really stunned at the unique and creative design of this stunning silk scarf. I ordered it when it arrived; I was completely bowled over by its brilliance. The silk was delicate and luxurious to touch. I am eyeing a few more from your collection.

    • Stunning silk scarf! May 19, 2014
      by Nancy McIntyre, Savannah, GA (United States)

      Stunning in silk! I was really stunned at the unique and creative design of this stunning silk scarf. I ordered it when it arrived; I was completely bowled over by its brilliance. The silk was delicate and luxurious to touch. I am eyeing a few more from your collection.

    • Exquisite scarf! July 16, 2014
      by Julia England, Hastings, NE (United States)

      I am very happy with this great looking silk scarf that I purchased from you. The delivery was really quick. I was delighted to find the scarf neatly packed once I took it out, I had simply one word for this, resplendent! The silk quality is superb and so is the hand painting.

    • Incredible silk scarf! July 10, 2014
      by Rebecca Bender, San Jose, CA (United States)

      I was very happy that I bought this incredible silk scarf. It is incredibly elegant which enable it to be combined with an array of variety of my dresses. I have worn this to my office, a friend’s birthday party and out on dinner with my hubby. I love the feel of admiration that I get constantly. Planning to buy more for myself and my girl gang!

    • Unique scarf! August 6, 2014
      by Barbara Harwood, Winfield, KS (United States)

      It’s a very unique piece of art! I bought one for my daughter and it captured her eyes as soon as she opened it. Your gift wrap looks elegant too!

    • Lovely scarf! September 3, 2014
      by Danyelle Thorpe, Beachwood, OH (United States)

      Lovely handmade silk scarf! It goes perfectly with my black dress and I have been seldom passed on an opportunity to flaunt it. It get s me compliments all the time. I am completely delighted I want to get a couple more for myself and all my girl friends.

    • I love your silk scarf collections! November 2, 2014
      by Susan Gandy - San Jose, CA (United States)

      I love your collections. The variety of designs, colors and moods is amazing. I've got almost half a dozen of your scarves right now. This particular silk scarf is really regal in its art work and stands out. The silk feels alluringly soft to touch and also keeps me warm when I wear it around my neck.

    • Brilliant handmade silk! December 17, 2014
      by Joyce (United States)

      Very impressed with the quality! My father gifted me this brilliant looking handmade silk scarf for my birthday. I was quite surprised to find that my little brother has such great taste in fashion. The design is superb and so is the silk.

    • Lovely scarf! December 3, 2014
      by Sandy - Ottawa, ON (Canada)

      Lovely packaging. But the best part was when I opened the pack. Fell in love with the brilliance, elegance and quality.

    • Precious Silk Scarf! February 27, 2015
      by Norma-Portland, OH (United States)

      I got this pretty silk scarf for my mom on her birthday. The hand painted piece of accessory is really as pretty as the flowers and is precisely what compliments my mom persona and sweet nature. She so loved it when she opened her gift and I was all smiles to see her name my gift as the very best of all the gifts she got.

    • Love the poppy design of this scarf.. December 11, 2015
      by Matilda - NT (Australia)

      My neck gets cool yet if I use a heavy knitted scarf I overheat. These scarves are the perfect weight and look great with so many different things. The poppy design and silk of the scarf are well made too. Great gifts for the holidays!

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