Silk Scarf The Nature of Lyrics

Silk Scarf The Nature of Lyrics

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• Silk scarves used to be thought of as old-fashioned accessories. The stunning silk scarves and wraps which can be found at specialist suppliers nowadays though, include many which are perfect for fashion conscious youngsters.
• This dramatic item from our exclusive range of hand painted silk scarves and wraps features a design which is quite out of the ordinary. Forget the florals that your mother might choose, this swirly abstract pattern with its unusual color palette is strictly for the young… or the young at heart at least.
• While the designs to be found on today’s silk scarves and shawls might be a far cry from the scarves and shawls of yesteryear, the appeal of the luxurious silk fabric hasn’t diminished at all.
• In this 100% pure silk chiffon women’s scarf, you are sure to feel comfortable whatever the weather. Better still though, your gorgeous one-off accessory will truly make you stand out as an individual.
• Order from our fabulous range of silk scarves, wraps and shawls today and your purchase will be on its way to you in no time.

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  • Available in 69.8" X 18.3"size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $180.15 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Subtle colors and great silk quality February 12, 2013
      by Lea Muller (Germany)

      I got this silk scarf for my granny for her birthday. I loved the subtle pastel shades and so did granny. She was gushing when she opened the gift pack. We both loved the design as well as the silk quality.

    • Stunning colours on this silk scarf May 28, 2013
      by Kelly R. (United States)

      This handmade silk scarf has absolutely stunning colour combination. I loved the art work too. The silk is extremely soft to touch and of high quality. I got this for my sister on her anniversary and liked it so much that I later ordered one for myself.

    • Beautiful and unqiue silk scarf!! April 14, 2014
      by Michael Henry, Bainbridge, NY (United States)

      I was looking for an appropriate gift for my colleague’s birthday when another colleague suggested your business. Once I arrived at your website, it was a rather difficult task to choose one among all these beautiful and unique scarves, but I finally chose this one because I felt it suits her personality. The designs are great so is the silk, she later told me. She was pleased with her gift and that’s all I could ask for. Thanks.

    • Elegant silk scarf! April 9, 2014
      by Carolyn Smith, Bowling Green, KY (United States)

      I bought this as being a gift for my mom on her birthday. The elegance and delicate design completely goes with her persona. She was impressed with my gift and said that mine was the best gift that she got on her birthday.

    • Lovely silk scarf! May 25, 2014
      by Cecilia Roger, Baton Rouge, LA (United States)

      I loved this as being a gift for my mom on her birthday. The elegance and delicate design completely goes with her persona. She was impressed with my gift and said that mine was the best gift that she got on her birthday.

    • Amazing designs! June 22, 2014
      by Elizabeth Francis, Providence, RI (United States)

      This silk scarf will always be special to me because this was the first gift I got from my boyfriend. The design is simply wonderful and so is the feel of the silk fabric. Thanks to women clothing today that I got something as beautiful because this as my first gift of love.

    • Amazing design! July 4, 2014
      by Minnie Pack, Bronx, NY (United States)

      This is one beautiful silk scarf. Amazing hand painted art work, wonderful silk and elegant looks all of this makes a sure winner. I loved it and have worn it on many occasions, never failing to show heads. Thanks women clothing today.

    • Elegant scarf! August 12, 2014
      by Charlene Stovall, Norfolk, VA (United States)

      The exquisite design and quality of this silk scarf. I ordered one for my sister’s 18th birthday and was so happy to see her face light glow when she unwrapped her gift. I am planning to buy one for mom’s birthday too.

    • Great gift! September 12, 2014
      by Jean Dent, Hallett, OK (United States)

      I was looking for the best gift for my gorgeous wife who loves collecting scarves. She was completely bowled over when she unpacked the attractive gift pack. The quality of silk is simply amazing, so soft and luxurious.

    • Wonderful silk scarf! October 15, 2014
      by Blanche Garner, Panola, GA (United States)

      I picked this wonderful silk scarf since the print on it intrigued me. Was not sure whether my mom would like it or not but she too appreciated its unique print. I am so happy.

    • Beautiful Collection October 15, 2014
      by Norma R., Rosalie, NE (United States)

      I am very attached to scarves and shawls. But seldom have I stumbled upon a more beautiful collection as yours. I ordered 3 from the collection and simply loved every one of them. All of them have superb designs, great hand painting and amazing silk quality. I have your business to my friends as well.

    • Stunning silk scarf! December 10, 2014
      by Patricia (United States)

      I just loved this stunning hand-painted silk scarf for my sister’s anniversary. She was absolutely delighted by using it. She just went wow once she opened her gift and couldn’t stop smiling. She was so enamored by it she got me a similar one from the same vendor for my next birthday.

    • Exquisite design! December 18, 2014
      by Chelsey - Philadelphia, PA (United States)

      Bold and exquisite! This handmade silk scarf suits me on the tee- bold, exquisite and delicate at the same time. I have seldom had a part of accessory that complimented my persona so well. Thanks a lot women clothing today. I will sure be buying of many others of your stuff.

    • A very unique gift! February 4, 2015
      by Florence-Poughkeepsie, NY (United States)

      I was looking for gift ideas for my girl gang when someone suggested women clothing today. I was amazed to see the amazing variety of designs that you have. I chose several including this on and am thoroughly happy with what I got. I actually ordered one for myself afterwards because I loved the structure and quality of the silk scarves that I had bought for my friends.

    • an elegant scarf flowing in the gentle breeze November 27, 2015
      by Shelly - Los Angeles (United States)

      A classic hand painted silk scarf which is both lovely and detailed. I like scarves of all weights as each one has its own purpose in my wardrobe. These are light as a feather and I will use these mostly for my hats. They will easily thread through the holes of a Panama hat or a garden hat and you can change the scarf for any particular outfit you wish. It sets off a nice fashionable flair and people always notice an elegant scarf flowing in the gentle breeze. It brightens the face and the spirit of those who wear them.
      Very alluring!

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