Silk Scarf Scarlet Flower

Silk Scarf Scarlet Flower

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• Silk scarves featuring poppy designs simply don’t get any better than this. The combination of the shape of the much-loved flower and its deep scarlet color with the black of the inner border is simply stunning.
• This fabulous item from our collection of silk scarves is square in shape and so is ideal for tying as a neck or headscarf, and also perfect for wearing around the back of the neck and shoulders underneath a coat or jacket for added warmth. It would also make a fabulous statement when worn with a casual sweater for those relaxed walks in the park.
• Made from the highest quality 100% pure silk crepe, this exquisite women’s scarf is guaranteed to provide the ultimate in softness and, like all of the silk scarves in our collection, its design is both totally unique and hand painted.
• Poppy lovers everywhere will delight in this gorgeous accessory, but as our range of silk scarves also includes other poppy designs, be sure to browse our full collection to find the one that is just right for you

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  • Available in 37.0" X 34.5" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Crepe
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $264.15 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Classy silk scarf May 5, 2012
      by Velma (United Kingdom)

      I was extremely impressed with the quality and the price.This silk scarf is a well made product, beautifully hand painted on a soft, nice silk. It arrived quickly and nicely packaged. I will recommend your website to my friends.

    • Silk Scarf Scarlet Flower December 26, 2012
      by Mark, New york (United States)

      Great scarf! I searched the web high and low before I came across this silk scarf.
      I was in need of a Christmas gift for a friend who loves art and this hand painted scarf just seemed perfect for her. I had a couple of questions about it and the company was very responsive and shipped the scarf right away. I am very pleased with the scarf (by the way, my friend just adores it!) and the customer service.

    • Bold design and vivid colors February 2, 2013
      by Alexandra (Switzerland)

      I have always loved bold designs and strong colours, they go well with my persona. Evidently I was delighted when my boyfriend got me this silk scarf as a present. Loved its design and also the softness of the silk material. The fact that is hand painted is a great bonus!

    • Really good gift for friend April 16, 2013
      by Jade Osborne (United States)

      I bought this beautiful, bold silk scarf for my friend’s birthday and am happy that I did. She seemed very pleased with this hand painted silk scarf and asked me where I got this from. Both of us are planning to get some more for ourselves and friends.

    • Gorgeous design on this silk scarf May 18, 2013
      by Chloe Forster (United States)

      I love the bold design of this handmade silk scarf. The rose is lovely and the silk feels really soft to touch. I am planning to buy a few more from your collection. Thanks.

    • Great quality and very skin friendly August 13, 2013
      by Anette B., Chicago (United States)

      I’ve been wearing this fabulous red hand painted silk scarf for more than three weeks now. The color and the quality of the scarf is skin friendly. It looks new and glowing even after multiple wash.

    • Fabulous Silk Scarf! April 4, 2014
      by Kathleen Beeler, INGHAM QLD (Australia)

      I was completely bowled over by this fabulous silk scarf when I opened my gift pack. My husband got this as a birthday gift and I was thoroughly impressed with his choice. I have always liked handmade unique items and he made my day with this particular gift. Love it.

    • Bold and sensuous scarf! April 15, 2014
      by Becky Mosteller, Indianapolis, IN (United States)

      Bold design and vivid colors! I have always loved bold designs and strong colors, goes well with my persona. Evidently I was delighted when my boyfriend got me this silk scarf as a present. Loved its design and also the softness of the silk material.

    • Bold and sensuous scarf! May 30, 2014
      by Samantha Harp, Grimes, CA (United States)

      I just loved bold designs and strong colors, goes well with my persona. Evidently I was delighted when my boyfriend got me this silk scarf as a present. Loved its design and also the softness of the silk material.

    • Refreshing design! June 30, 2014
      by Mary Jackson, Bel Air, CA (United States)

      I loved the refreshing art work for this silk scarf. It makes for a great accessory for my regular wear. The silk is really high quality and the painting is absolutely superb. I am planning to buy more for evening parties and also other social occasions.

    • Beautiful scarf! July 2, 2014
      by Shannon Parker, Mercer Island, WA (United States)

      My best friend was really happy when I gifted her beautiful silk scarf on her birthday. She likes delicate stuff and I felt this could be perfect gift for her and I was totally right.

    • Lovely scarf! August 10, 2014
      by Sabrina Dixon, Philadelphia, PA (United States)

      I simply love the colors for this exquisite hand-painted scarf. Very appealing towards the senses so helping me stand out when I wear it. The combination of the shape of the much loved flower and its deep scarlet color and I never fail to turn heads when I am wearing this. It is an absolute favorite of mine.

    • Great scarf! September 8, 2014
      by Staci Weigel, Oxford, OH (United States)

      My boyfriend proposed to me by knotting this scarf around my neck. It was surely a distinctive way to propose and I just loved just how he made it happen. This scarf will always be special to me. Thank you so much for creating a real beautiful item.

    • Great scarf! October 13, 2014
      by Kathryn Barker, Lincoln, NE (United States)

      I got this silk scarf for my sister’s birthday and she simply adored it. When I ordered for this, I wasn’t sure whether she will really want it. But when she opened her gift she couldn’t stop thanking me. I was glad that I got something for her she really appreciated.

    • Great Scarf Collection November 14, 2014
      by Werner Chitwood, Gary, IN (United States)

      The design is amazing. I got this silk scarf for my sister as present on her wedding anniversary. But once it arrived I actually kept it for myself since I just loved the look and feel of it. I got her another from your great range. Thanks.

    • Very unique silk scarf! December 16, 2014
      by Diane (United States)

      It was surely a unique way to propose and I just loved the way he made it happen. This scarf will always be special for me. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful item.

    • Stunning silk scarf designs! December 5, 2014
      by Marie - Springfield, MO (United States)

      Stunning art work! It is not just a silk scarf, but more of a stunning piece of art. I can’t thanks people enough for such lovely and exquisite design and wonderful silk. You people know precisely what a woman wants.

    • Stunning art work! February 11, 2015
      by Sheila-Norfolk, VA (United States)

      I just loved the color combination on this stunning hand painted silk scarf. The black and bright reds make such an interesting contrast and yet look made for each other. I love contrasts during my accessories and it’s was no wonder that I completely loved this design. The silk feels so soft and exquisite to touch.

    • The hand painted artworks is gorgeous and clear November 10, 2015
      by Carol - Tucson (United States)

      This is one great gift I have given to my mom! These are one of the prettiest scarves i have seen that is why i agreed to review this for my honest opinions. Their colors are so pretty and vibrant. The material is superb. Its 100% pure silk and you can feel the softness of it on your skin. The hand painted artworks is gorgeous and clear. The size of the scarf is a great size for wrapping around your neck and also covering your head. This scarf is made of high quality material.

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