Silk Scarf Nocturne 4

Silk Scarf Nocturne 4

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• Although most women’s scarves tend to feature a wider range of colors, the design on this example from our range of hand painted silk scarves uses a limited palette. The simplicity of the midnight shades, however, is precisely what gives it its incredibly chic and sophisticated appeal.
• The hand painted design on this women’s scarf is testament to the skill of the artist as it incorporates a fabulous glittery effect using nothing more than the environmentally-friendly dyes which are used in all of our silk scarves. This particular feature of this women’s scarf makes it perfect for those really special evening events when you need to look truly glamorous.
• The drape and flow of the 100% pure silk chiffon fabric makes this item ideal for wearing as a women’s scarf or as a shawl or wrap, but whichever way you choose to wear it, it is sure to add a look of luxury and pizzazz to your outfit.
• Hand painted silk scarves are the ultimate accessories for creating a totally individual look, so why not order yours today?

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  • Available in 12.0" X 57.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Chiffon
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $175.35 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • High quality silk scarf May 5, 2012
      by Suzanne (United States)

      This scarf is a gem! I am very impressed with the high quality of the silk and the fast shipping. I loved also the beautiful package wrapping. Very nice company and customer service! I am our long time client now!

    • Very nice silk art scarf August 30, 2012
      by Phyllis (United States)

      Great scarf! I have enjoyed wearing it since I received it a week ago. It is a very good quality silk and with original design. I am pleased that is handmade and makes me feel unique every time I wear it. I have my own piece of art with me now!

    • Perfect gift for my daughter November 10, 2012
      by Harold (United States)

      I ordered his silk scarf for my daughter. Her birthday was few days ago. She was surprised by my gift and congratulated me for the very good taste when choosing this scarf. I have to admit I called WomenClohingToday for making my order on the phone and their advise and their support was fantastic! I am very pleased with such quality products and customer service!

    • The delight of silk! January 28, 2013
      by Martina (United States)

      I love the subtle colours on this silk scarf. They just suit me very well. I was quite surprised to receive it after few days after I ordered it online. I am sure to shop for more silk scarves from your collection. Thanks!

    • Impressive design and quality! April 30, 2013
      by Juanita Waggener (United States)

      I absolutely loved the feminine design of this great looking silk scarf. The silk feels so soft and luxurious. I have recommended your collection to my friends. Thanks!

    • This scarf is indeed beautiful July 30, 2011
      by Laurie (United States)

      I received this yesterday, quite worth the wait. Thank you for a beautiful product for a reasonable price.

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