Silk Scarf Lilies

Silk Scarf Lilies

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• The simplicity of the colour scheme on this silk scarf featuring lilies simply screams smart sophistication, making this handmade scarf one of the most desirable for all elegant ladies-about-town.
• Forming part of a range of similar silk scarves, this particular design features gorgeous lilies in all their stunning perfection and the classic subject and unusual colour combination make it perfect for wearing with that little black dress, although it would look equally exquisite when teamed up with a smart business suit.
• This sample from our collection of women’s scarves isn’t just one which looks great though, because the 100% pure silk satin from which it is made is also guaranteed to feel soft and luxurious against the skin.
• If chic sophistication is the look that you are after, then don’t delay in ordering this or one of our other monochrome silk scarves as they are some of our most popular.

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  • Available in 70.0" X 13.0" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Satin
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $151.00 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Absolutely wonderful luxury silk scarf August 12, 2011
      by Julian J. Fetter, Forest City, IL (United States)

      i liked this silk scarf a lot. the quality of materials is very good good. But the main thing is that it is hand painted by the artist who did a great job!

    • Great silk scarf March 8, 2012
      by Isobel (Ireland)

      I bought this scarf for myself to complement my office outfits. The colors are softly muted to match the softness of the scarf. It makes me feel as good as it looks.

    • Wonderful silk scarf June 29, 2012
      by Adrienne (Canada)

      I received this scarf from my sister as gift for my birthday. I liked it a lot! I love the blue and silver combination. The silk fabric is very good quality. The painting is wonderful and I am feeling very elegant wearing it.
      Thank you for this wonderful scarf!

    • Exclusive gift for my wife October 31, 2012
      by Charles (United States)

      I was searching for a very special gift for my beautiful wife who turns 40 in a week. I was so relieved I stumble upon your website! So many unique scarves to choose from! It was difficult to choose one but the rest was easy. The order came quickly and in a nice wrapped package. I am very pleased with my experience with your website and i will come back for other presents as well.

    • Mom loves this silk scarf! December 14, 2012
      by Krista (United States)

      This silk scarf was a gift for my mom 55th birthday. She adores it! She thinks the painting on it are gorgeous! She told me she feels elegant and attractive every time she wears it. I am happy to see her happy!

    • The perfect artistic design for me January 23, 2013
      by Ebony Plunkett, New South Wales (Australia)

      I love the lilies and how this silk scarf beautifully captures their elegant and exquisite charm. I couldn't have found a design that is more appropriate for me- elegant, delicate and enticing. I can’t thank you people enough for finding me my perfect design. It arrived really quick and the silk quality is superb too.

    • Great gift for my girlfriend's birthday March 31, 2013
      by Jeffery (United States)

      I gifted this beautiful handmade silk scarf to my girlfriend. She was completely delighted with it and hasn’t stopped thanking me since then. She loves the artisitc design, the silk and the elegance. Thanks.

    • Lovely scarf for my lovely wife February 22, 2014
      by Peter Gorberg (United States)

      I bought this silk scarf for my lovely wife and she adores it! I was looking for something unique to match her elegant nature and this scarf did the trick perfectly. Is elegant, very artistic and high quality. The gift package and personalized note we received inside was very nice.

    • Sophisticated Silk Scarf! March 22, 2014
      by Cindy Maxwell (Canada)

      I loved this sophisticated silk scarf which captured my eyes the first time I saw it on your website. Indeed, the best gift for myself ever! It arrived really quick and the silk quality is superb too. I am looking to buy more!

    • Brilliant silk scarf! April 21, 2014
      by Linda McLaughlin, San Francisco, CA (United States)

      The silk scarf beautifully captures their elegant and exquisite charm. I couldn't have found a design that is more appropriate to me. I can’t thanks a lot people enough for to find me my perfect design. It arrived really quickly and the silk quality is superb too.

    • Pretty silk scarf! May 22, 2014
      by Mable Hildebrand, Gastonia, NC (United States)

      This silk scarf beautifully captures their elegant and exquisite charm. I couldn't have found a design that is more appropriate to me. I can’t thanks a lot people enough for to find me my perfect design. It arrived really quickly and the silk quality is superb too.

    • Lovely scarf! June 4, 2014
      by N. Simmons, Libertyville, IL (United States)

      I ordered just for this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the gorgeous gift pack. The quality of silk is definitely amazing, so soft and luxurious. Loved the structure too.

    • Unique Silk Scarf! June 16, 2014
      by Rebecca Monroe, Bridgeville, PA (United States)

      I loved the gorgeous design and ordered for this. It arrived really quickly and was very impressed to see the caliber of silk, the magnificent shades along with the softness of the silk scarf made it very unique!

    • Gorgeous scarf! July 9, 2014
      by Georgina Meredith, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

      Right from the moment I saw it I knew this scarf would look absolutely gorgeous with my black dress also it turned out being exactly so. The print makes me look not just elegant but also shapelier. Thank you. I’m really enjoying the appreciation I've received.

    • Gorgeous design! August 20, 2014
      by Susan Patterson, Knight Dale, NC (United States)

      I bought this as my daughter’s birthday gift and she was astounded when she saw the gift wrap until she opened it. It was very elegant from top to bottom that I purchased a dozen more of unique designs!

    • Brilliant scarf! September 12, 2014
      by Ashley Swartz, Oklahoma City, OK (United States)

      I was looking for an appropriate gift for my sister’s birthday and this handmade silk scarf was just perfect on her. She draped in on after she opened the gift box so many from the guests complimented her. She was beaming all throughout the evening. Thanks!

    • Sophisticated scarf! October 17, 2014
      by Miriam Kennedy, Summit, NJ (United States)

      I loved this exquisite silk scarf for my wife on her last birthday and she was completely bowled over by it. She couldn’t stop raving about it and still keeps complimenting me for my great choice. I am planning to buy another for our anniversary. Most importantly when wife is happy, it’s the best compliment ever.

    • Great design and elegant gift wrap! November 11, 2014
      by Georgia Emmett - BARTON ACT (Australia)

      My girlfriend is really a professional and keeps complaining that she hates wearing drab clothes to office. So I decided to gift this stunning handmade silk scarf. She was overjoyed when she opened the gift pack. You wouldn’t believe the number of times she thanked me for this. It makes me so happy that I could give her something she so completely loves and she really looks gorgeous on this.

    • Superb design! January 3, 2015
      by Milena-Toronto, ON (Canada)

      The design is superb and so is the silk. My father gifted me this brilliant looking handmade silk scarf for my birthday. I was quite surprised to find that my little brother has such great taste in fashion.

    • Beautiful scarf! May 18, 2015
      by Joseph - Grand Rapids, MI (United States)

      What a beautiful scarf! My husband got me this excellent looking scarf for last anniversary. I was thoroughly impressed using the superb quality of silk and the art work. I have always a thing for handmade unique items which made me like it increasingly.

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