Silk Scarf Rose Morning 2

Silk Scarf Rose Morning 2

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• The unique feature of all our scarves and shawls is that the design of fabric is hand painted by our own artists and designers.
• Each of our scarves is handmade, unique, and made of the most luxurious and highest quality 100% silk.
• All the scarves and shawls are completely colorfast and don’t fade or run. Plus, all scarves are hand washable.
• We are committed to producing cutting edge design and the highest quality handcrafted silk clothing.

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  • Available in 33.0"X 37.5" size
  • For sizing help, please contact our Fashion Adviser.

    • 100% Pure Silk Crepe
    • Hand Painted ; Hand Dyed Garment
    • Environmental ; Green Dyes
    • Hand Wash Recommended (Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable)

  • Runs true to sizes

  • Price: $365.40 In Stock | Usually takes 24 hours to ship. Out of Stock | Please, email us for more information on the delivery times.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Beautiful silk scarf with brilliant colors October 4, 2012
      by Susan Westfall (MI) (United States)

      Beautiful, bright scarf with brilliant colors. It is very comfortable and beautiful. Is covering my shoulders very well if I get a little more chilli. It is a bit pricey, but love it even more!

    • What a beautiful scarf March 22, 2013
      by Kim Dellinger (United States)

      This is one beautiful silk scarf! Amazing hand painted art work, wonderful silk and elegant looks; all of this makes a sure winner. I loved it and have worn it on many occasions, never failing to turn heads.

    • A wonderful gift for my mother for Mother's Day! April 20, 2013
      by Susan D. Choate (United States)

      I picked this wonderful silk scarf because of the beautiful rose painted on it. My mother loves roses and this scarf is perfect for her. She will love the high quality silk and gorgeous painting. I can't wait for her to open it on Mother' Day!

    • A very unique gift! April 8, 2014
      by Carla Turpin, Amarillo, TX (United States)

      I was extremely impressed by the exquisite design and quality of this silk scarf. I ordered one for my sister’s 28th birthday and was so happy to see her face glow when she unwrapped her gift. I am about to buy one for mom’s birthday too.

    • Absolutely beautiful designs! April 30, 2014
      by Stacey Lagasse, Brookfield, CT (United States)

      What a lovely scarf! This is one beautiful silk scarf. Amazing hand painted art work, wonderful silk and chic looks; all of this makes a sure winner. I loved it and have worn it on many occasions, never failing to turn heads.

    • Elegant silk scarf! May 27, 2014
      by Rita Comfort, New York, NY (United States)

      Elegant silk scarf! Amazing hand painted art work, wonderful silk and chic looks; all of this makes a sure winner. I loved it and have worn it on many occasions, never failing to turn heads.

    • Brilliant silk scarf! June 21, 2014
      by Lynnette Tate, Hopewell, VA (United States)

      I got this silk scarf for my wife for her birthday. She completely loved the quality of silk and design and wants me to buy her another for our anniversary. It makes he look more gorgeous whenever she wears your hand painted silk scarf. Thanks.

    • Bold and sensous design! July 27, 2014
      by Pauline Marks, Charleston, WV (United States)

      I loved the bold design of this handmade silk scarf. The hues are lovely and the silk feels really soft to touch. I am planning to buy several more from your collection.

    • Luxurious scarf! August 7, 2014
      by Eva Alexander, Duluth, MN (United States)

      I absolutely loved the feminine design of this attractive looking silk scarf. The silk feels so soft and luxurious. I have recommended your collection to my friends.

    • Fabulous design! September 4, 2014
      by Nellie Goddard, Charlotte, NC (United States)

      I was completely bowled over by this fabulous silk scarf when I opened my gift pack. My husband got this as a birthday gift and I was thoroughly impressed with his choice. I have always liked handmade unique items and he made my day with this particular gift. Love it.

    • Fabulous design! October 10, 2014
      by Marcelle Arledge, Kaneville, IL (United States)

      What fabulous silk! I ordered just for this silk scarf and was completely bowled over when I unpacked the gorgeous gift pack. The quality of silk is definitely amazing, so soft and luxurious. Loved the structure too.

    • Amazing Design October 23, 2014
      by Margie T., Cedar Crest, OK (United States)

      The design is amazing. I got this silk scarf for my sister as present on her wedding anniversary. But once it arrived I actually kept it for myself since I just loved the look and feel of it. I got her another from your great range. Thanks.

    • Unique shawls! December 11, 2014
      by Arlene - New York, NY (United States)

      Elegance in silk! I was really stunned at the unique and creative design of this stunning silk scarf. I ordered it when it arrived; I was completely bowled over by its brilliance. The silk was delicate and luxurious to touch. I am eyeing a few more from your collection.

    • Unique design that I really liked February 13, 2015
      by Kimberly - Pompano Beach, FL (United States)

      Unique and lovely design! I have got this one for my bestfrien for special day. The design is exceedingly cute, something is sure she will love. The silk quality is great and so are the shades.

    • The hand painted designs were really gorgeous November 25, 2015
      by Lynda - Elkhart (United States)

      I love this silk scarf so much. The hand painted designs were really gorgeous. The scarf is soft and really warm. The details in this scarf put it over the top. It has a beautiful, old world tapestry look. I've also been playing with the scarf as a shawl/wrap and it looks great. This is the type of piece you throw on and off with a flourish. This one is the greatest gift I’ve ever had for myself!

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